Thursday, May 15, 2014

Homeowners who have been victims of burglary often thought their home was secure before the break in occurred. In many cases a common home security mistake was the difference between their house being a target of a burglar or being left alone. Are you making any of the following common home security mistakes?

Thinking Your Home is Exempted     

There are about 2 million burglaries a year in the U.S. Many people say they live in a nice neighborhood and therefore aren't worried about their home being burglarized. However, homes are broken into in all different kinds of neighborhoods. It is not wise to assume your house is not a target. You need to remain diligent, ensure you have windows and doors locked and verify you have taken appropriate home security measures.

Unlocked Gardening tools storage
You may assume that your shed does not contain anything of value and therefore you can just leave it unlocked. Keep in mind that the shed is often full of tools that a burglar can use to break into your home where the real valuables are stored. Your shed should be locked at all times.

Car Unlocked In Driveway with Entry Inside the House
Families will lock all windows and doors at night but overlook the unlocked vehicle in the driveway with a garage door opener inside. This allows a burglar easy access to your house. Before bed make sure you have locked any outside cars as well.

Making the Home Look Vacant When You're Away
You want your home to look lived in even when you are away on vacation. An obvious one is to make sure your mail and newspaper are being held or a neighbor is bringing them in for you. Putting lights or the television on a timer will help give the appearance that someone is still at the residence. In addition, try to keep curtains and blinds as you usually have them. Although you may feel inclined to close all curtains before you leave that can give the burglars an indication that no one is home.

Surprising Ways to Outsmart Burglars
Everyone knows to keep windows and doors locked and not to hide a key under your doormat. However you may be surprised at these three ways to outsmart burglars.

Consider Leaving Small Amounts of Money In An Obvious Hiding Place. We have been told time and again not to put our valuables in an obvious place like the sock drawer or under the mattress. But some former burglars have indicated that not finding anything may cause them to turn your house upside down in search of money of other valuables. After making the effort
Make the Burglar Think Your Valuables are in a Safe Deposit Box. Make a list of typical valuables that you might own and put it in an envelope.
to break in they don't want to leave empty handed and they know your house has something of value to them. So leaving a small amount in an easy to find place may be enough to satisfy the burglar so he leaves before further destroying your home.

On the outside of the envelope write "Safe Deposit Box." Store this in a location a burglar would look like a dresser drawer. Upon finding it they will assume your valuables are not located within your home but instead are at the bank.

Use a Truly Unexpected Hiding Place. A lot of places people think are unique hiding places are obvious to burglars so you need to think of a truly unexpected place. A child's bedroom is typically cluttered with worthless toys making it uninteresting to a burglar. Consider hiding valuables inside a stuffed animal or pillow. Another option is to install a fake electrical outlet by putting in a deep outlet box and electrical outlet cover. Without the electrical wires you will have room for jewelry or money. One final unique idea is to use empty bottles for shampoo or condiments. Make sure you store them in the appropriate location for the item and the burglar won't bother checking them.

Of course the best method to keep your valuables safe it to prevent a burglar from targeting your home. If your house is not broken into your valuables will be untouched. For home security products that prevent break ins, such as home security signs, contact us at Security Sign Solutions.